Students Life


The Athletics Department of Collins American International Academy provides a safe sports environment that serves as an extension of the school’s academic curriculum. Participants will learn the fundamentals of each sport with an emphasis on teamwork, good sportsmanship, fair play and team spirit as they develop strong, healthy and disciplined minds and bodies.

We currently offer girls badminton and basketball (3-8), girls and boys track and field, etc. Additional sports to be introduced later.

Theatre Arts Group (TAG)

The Theatre Arts Group is a parent booster club that supports our musical theatre program. The group organizes fundraising events and sponsors outings and activities for our musical theatre program students. All parents are invited to join TAG.

Musical Theatre Program

Our Musical Theatre Program is open to any student in any grade. Its mission is to promote a love and appreciation for musical theatre and develop student confidence and self-esteem. Our young thespians spend months learning all aspects of musical theatre and the program concludes with a worthy performance. Our annual show is produced by TAG.

Arts Club

At present, the Art Club is open to any student in any grade. The group meets after school once a week and works on visual art projects using various media including but not limited to graphite, ink, charcoal, watercolors, computer generated image making, printmaking, crayons, oil pastels, model magic and clay.

Spiritual Development

  • All subjects are communicated through sound moral worldview
  • Through their experience at CAIA, students grow in their faith and joyfully apply their faith within their communities.
  • Students develop an understanding of their worth to God and Christ.
  • Students embrace joyful, healthy, spirit-filled relationships with God and others.
  • Students learn to trust and depend on God in all circumstances.
  • CAIA staff and volunteers model moral behavior to students and the community.

Social Environment

Students at CAIA:

  • Cultivate healthy relationships and enduring friendships.
  • Experience an enjoyable, spirit-filled environment that instills a sense of family, community, inclusiveness, and respectfulness toward one another.
  • Resolve conflicts in a Godly and respectful manner.
  • Display healthy communication and respect for all people.
  • Demonstrate cooperation and teamwork.
  • Display an authentic and infectious love for their school community.
CAIA provides and encourages participation in a variety of clubs, student organizations, and activities, welcoming students to voice their ideas and opinions