Preschool Program

From the moment a child enrolls in our preschool program, that child will be embraced by the joy radiating from each child as they learn through meaningful play. These future innovators learn every day the importance of kindness and hard work in creating a better world. Our faculty is dedicated to the personal growth of each child with an emphasis on conscientious curriculum. We truly believe that the well-rounded education our children experience, builds a love and excitement for learning which stays with them always.

CAIA Preschool program is committed to creating life-long learners and individuals who love themselves, their families and all of God’s creations. Our well rounded early learning experience enables children to explore their creative sides with our hands on curriculum, as well as develop their cognitive abilities with our vigorous daily STEM activities. Our program also promotes reading readiness and fundamental math skills so that all of our children are fully prepared for kindergarten. We strive to create future leaders, imaginative creators and individuals who develop love for learning with our personalized approach to each child’s journey. At Collins American International Academy, our commitment to creating social emotional awareness, as well as solid spiritual principles shines through in every aspect of our students’ lives.


Our Kindergarten Program focuses on building faith, independence, respect for others and developing a sense of responsibility within each child. Our curriculum strives to build skills in all academic and social areas. Our full day program provides our students with learning experiences that help to develop their basic skills which are the structural foundation necessary for success in the years to come.

Students will listen to stories, sing songs, pray and participate in cooperative learning activities which address the needs of the whole child – socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually. In addition, they enjoy weekly specials which include: computers, music, art, library, etc.

Our Reading program will strengthen letter recognition, numbers and writing skills. Students will focus on print, book and phonemic awareness. They learn to read via pre-decodable books which combine sight words and pictures. Their reading ability advances as they gain a sight word vocabulary, learn to decode words phonetically and strengthen their reading comprehension. Writing begins in Kindergarten with our students learning what a sentence is, punctuation and how to write one.

Our Math program, utilizes a variety of manipulative and visual activities. Our students advance their math skills through the use of a smart board, games, and workbooks.

Our Social Studies program focuses on geography, map reading and learning about people and cultures of various regions. Our Science program includes many hands-on experiments in physical, biological, earth and space studies.

Finally, we strengthen our relationship with faith and life with God. We experience God’s love and forgiveness daily. We teach His word and model His behavior. Children express joy in their worship and value all of God’s creations and creative work.

Primary School

A student’s elementary school years are the most formative in creating a solid foundation for middle school, high school and higher education. We have a low teacher to student ratio to ensure that students receive the most individualized instruction. Hands on learning and technology are incorporated in all grades every day.

Junior Secondary School

Our dynamic and rigorous Junior Secondary school program helps prepare our students for the most competitive Senior Secondary schools. Technology, Computer and STEM programs are incorporated across the disciplines. Advanced Math and Science placement as well as differentiated, literature, and Social Studies learning are implemented. Our students test into many advanced and honors courses in Senior Secondary school.

Senior Secondary School

Preparation for university or college is the primary objective of our Senior Secondary School program, and the intellectual rigor and variety of opportunities for all students provide a foundation for future academic success. We provide personal attention through small classes to ensure that students are challenged appropriately and guided in their work. We also provide extra-help periods built into student’s daily schedule, and teachers make themselves available outside class via phone, email, or appointments.

Counseling & Advocacy Program (CAP)

The Collins American International Academy Counseling and Advocacy Program (CAP) support services are centered on the commitment to assist students with their academic, social-emotional, spiritual, and personal needs, focusing on the students’ specific strengths and abilities. The school recognizes each student as an individual with unique gifts and talents. As a result, we will attempt to focus on these attributes rather than their limitations. In order to ensure that students will be lifelong learners and work towards the common good of all people, the program maintains cultural awareness and appreciates diversity.

The objective of this program is to support, facilitate and provide all students with the necessary tools to achieve their full potential and be successful in life. This objective is easily accomplished when students, their parents or legal guardians, and our school system work together as a team. These services are available to all students and not restricted to those students identified to have academic and/or socio-emotional needs at no additional cost to the student.


Collins American International Academy integrates technology into all of our classrooms to enhance student learning and educational experiences throughout each day. Classrooms are equipped with smart-boards and/or projectors and document cameras.

All students have access to a computer laboratory equipped with brand new all-in-one computer workstations and laptops. From third to fifth grade have laptops or tablets in their classes. Students attend weekly computer classes and use the latest version of Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher.

Vocational Training

Innovation is at our core, because it’s at the core of business, technology and healthcare everywhere. Our students dig deeper to understand technology roles and applications in our daily lives to enable them to be ready for whatever comes next, equipped to find better solutions.

We are constantly improving and innovating. The tireless pursuit of ‘better’ is our tradition. We are inspired to elevate our programs, monitor the landscape, and partner with employers; therefore, what we teach and how we teach is current, relevant, and effective.